Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mata Lakshmi

Namaste readers! This blog post will be sort of short, as it's mainly a question I wish to ask the audience.

A friend of mine recently recommended that to improve my current economic situation, I should worship and pray to Goddess Lakshmi. But my question is, what is the best way to do it? I know Goddess Lakshmi to be the Goddess of wealth and prosperity, among other things, from my preliminary internet research. However, I would like to know ways to worship Her...preferably ways that are within my meager means.

If anyone can help me in my quest to reach Mata Lakshmi, I will be in your debt. :-)


  1. Just add a simple picture of her to your shrine area. She is your Mother, and because of this She already Loves you and wishes you well. I say start an image search. Find one that really is calling to your heart. Then take the image to Walgreens.com to have it printed in the size you desire. I did this recently to our Mother so that She could go upon our main shrine, and also ordered a smaller one for me at my bedside. Good luck <3

  2. Have you seen all those pretty devotional mantra videos on Youtube for Lakshmi?? This is a pretty one http://youtu.be/Cbz53eFQtLI

    And, also have you looked at what blocks you from experiencing Lakshmi? Not just the circumstances in your life but your underlying beliefs such as, "making money is hard work" or "wealth is corruption" and things like that. If you connect with me on facebook I can introduce you to a woman that specifically works with people to clear these sorts of blocks.

    1. Sure, I can connect with you on Facebook. :-) Perhaps you can send me a friend request?