Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Coincidence, Miracle, or I'm Thinking Too Much

Something interesting happened today after I got out of work. Tonight I was going to do more editing for a writing project I'm working on with a friend, but one thing that had the potential to put a wrench in my plans was the weather. The weather report was predicting nothing but doom for this evening - severe thunderstorms, hail, even a tornado watch for my area. I was not looking forward to it...especially since the wiring in this apartment I'm living in is connected to the rest of a very old house that probably wouldn't stand up to a lightning strike. The odds were grim that I was going to be able to work on that project tonight.

Sure enough, in the early part of the evening there was dangerous weather, as one moment it was relatively sunny, and the next it seemed like the giant fire hose in the sky was pointed at my area. I was indoors at the time, but I was resigned to not doing much of anything tonight. However, I was still inspired to do my daily Ganesha meditation routine, at least in this case in an effort to calm me down during the adverse weather.

This is the part where the post title question becomes apparent: soon after I finished my meditation, the adverse weather started to slowly disperse, and later on there was no lightning to speak of, so I could turn my computer on and plug away at the project.

I didn't think much of it at the time, but eventually I realized it might not have been a coincidence...and that inspired me to write this blog post. It might be a coincidence and I'm probably just having some delusions of grandeur. And who knows, the weather might get worse tonight or tomorrow.

But part of me is thinking this may have not been a coincidence after all...that's the part of me that wants to believe. I honestly don't know what to think...

I highly encourage those reading this to post a comment in the comments section with their opinion on what might have happened. Maybe I'm being rewarded for my belief, or maybe it's just wishful thinking, or something. But input would be appreciated here.

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  1. I don't believe in coincidences either, so we're on the same page here ^^ Things happen for a reason, even if we sometimes can't ken what that reason is.