Wednesday, June 27, 2012


So...I'm happy. Not just happy in the normal sense,'s like I have this unshakable happiness inside me. Like nothing can faze me or bring me down. It's as if there's a happiness generator inside me now - if happiness could generate electricity, I'd be the next green power source!

And...I don't know how crazy this is going to sound, but I'm positive it was Ganesha who gave me this happiness. I...have a feeling it definitely was Him. As for why, well, at the Hindu Temple of Rochester last Sunday, there was a puja to Ganesha. I decided to participate in it by offering milk. Yes...I offered milk to Ganesha.

The happiness didn't take right away after the puja ended, but the next day, at some seemingly random time, I just felt this...euphoria inside of me. Like there was this expanding energy inside me, and it led to constant happiness. Even if I thought negative thoughts, the happiness soon countered them. The happiness is springing forth from me like a fountain, and there's no stopping it!

Hindus say Ganesha, like the rest of the Gods of the Hindu pantheon, is a real, physical, living, breathing being. Previously I've had my doubts, but...this is unexplainable! I honestly can't think of any other explanation for my constant sense of happiness. It has to be Ganesha. For me...this is proof.

I don't know how long this fountain of happiness will keep gushing. It may stop tomorrow, it may stop anytime after that. But the fact of the matter is that I wasn't trying to will my emotions into being happy. It just...happened!

Ganesha...have you heard my prayers?!?

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