Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Brief Rant on Global Warming

Namaste readers, in this post of Light Club I'm going to briefly talk about global warming. First of all, yes, I know global warming exists. I know it's real, man-made, and a threat to humanity.

But to turn it into a sensational, ratings-boosting profit vehicle by publishing doomsday proclamations and prophecies based on it is nothing short of unethical, in my humble opinion. I mean, have you looked on the Weather Channel's website lately? It's full of sensationalist apocalyptic stories based on the scenarios now being played out by global warming. Regardless of whether or not these stories are true (and they most likely are, sadly), the writing style and promotion of them reeks of Yellow Journalism.

Yes, global warming is a real threat that needs to be acted upon, and soon. But do we have to resort to such crude, unethical tactics to move the general public to action now? Perhaps the editors at the Weather Channel website have no faith in humanity, but their point gets lost when they lose their humanity in sensationalist doom-mongering.

If this is what it takes to move humanity into taking on global warming, then the cause is already lost.

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