Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Identity Thieves - A Poem

(Enjoy this Hindu-themed poem I have authored, my attempt at shaking things up in this blog. Feedback on this poem is welcome, but please be gentle.)

Identity thieves are everywhere.
The mundane ones, they want your material wealth.
The ones to watch out for, they want your spiritual wealth.
Your soul.

Governments want to steal your identity.
With it, they buy consent.
Consent to impose authority.
Consent to wage war.
Consent to make laws.
Laws in which they keep your soul.

Corporations want to steal your identity.
With it, they buy denial.
Denial of your beliefs.
Denial of your choices.
Denial of your individuality.
The individuality of your soul.

Those who distort religion want your identity.
With it, they buy your servitude.
Servitude to guilt.
Servitude to blindness.
Servitude to death.
It spells the death of your soul.

Against these identity thieves, there is only one defense.
LifeLock will not save you.
No, there is only one agency, one authority that can help you.
Help you get your identity back.

This authority is the Ishta Devata.
The God you worship.
Through this worship of God, you regain your soul.

My God has the head of an elephant,
And I know through Him
That I am not the contents of my wallet inside the pocket of my khakis.
I trust Him to protect my identity.

Who do you trust?

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