Friday, October 25, 2013

Learning to Surf

Namaste once more, readers. Sorry for not posting for so long, but my life has actually been quite busy. There have been good things going on, such as the Dustbowl video game convention last weekend. There have been some bad things too, which I won't mention for the sake of my privacy. But suffice it to say, I've been occupied.

Life, I have learned, comes in waves; waves of happy and sad periods. I know the secret to enjoying life is learning to surf these waves so you stay emotionally afloat. I know meditation and its associated spiritual practices can help me do so. And yet...I feel little motivation to regularly do them. For the life of me I can't figure out why. I mean...I know it will help me, but I can't bring myself to do them.

However, keeping in mind one Hindu god has helped me forgive myself of this and other mistakes I've made: Lord Krishna.

It was only recently that I have learned about how as a child, Lord Krishna was quite the mischievous one. Stealing butter (back then, butter was hard to make), stealing clothes, and, well, stealing hearts - he was known as the Heart Thief. (I forget how to spell the Sanskrit term.) Despite his mischievous behavior, people loved him anyway.

Who would have thought He could teach me how to surf the waves of life? If He wasn't perfect, I shouldn't expect myself to be perfect. It seems like some people in my life expect perfection from me...but I know Lord Krishna does not.

I don't know what metaphor to use in this case, but Lord Krishna keeps me afloat somehow. I will have to learn more about Him.

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