Saturday, April 5, 2014

A SPARX of Life

Namaste readers,

Sorry for the lack of updates. My real life has been quite busy of late, but this time in a positive way - I have made great progress in the search for another paying job. I might actually be employed soon, should the grace of Shri Ganesha bless me!

However, the main focus of this blog post is to recommend something. It's something that has helped me in recent days, and while I can't guarantee it will work for you, it probably wouldn't hurt to try it out. I am referring to a video game called SPARX - this is a video game designed to help people suffering from depression and related mental illnesses by teaching a set of skills called cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT.

My therapist kept mentioning cognitive behavior therapy as a way to change how I act in the situations that provoke negative feelings in me. But learning CBT has been a bit difficult for me, mainly because there was no easy way for me to remember what to do when difficult mental situations arise. However, from my experience with SPARX so far, this might be a real way for me to learn, as it gives you opportunities to practice CBT, in a way.

I've only done the first level so far - they recommend doing one a week or thereabouts. But it looks promising. I know I keep saying that, but to me it really does - I have to admit, one way to get me to learn something is by putting it in video game format. That's because video games involve me, rather than have me passively watch and listen.

If you want to take a look for yourself, check it out here:

Other than that, Ganesha bless, readers. :)

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