Thursday, January 28, 2016

Conversations with Maa Kali - Part 3

Namaste readers! This is, as the title says, the third part of my conversations with Maa Kali. I hope you have been enjoying these conversations so far as readers. This next set of questions was actually suggested by a friend of mine, and they are quite heady ones.

Please just remember the following disclaimers: I am not actually claiming I can talk to Maa Kali. Whether or not you believe these conversations are genuine is up to you. Please do not take anything I say here to be authoritative in any way. There are probably some disclaimers I'm missing here, but you get the basic idea of how these work.

As usual, my questions are in plain text, while Maa Kali's are in italics.

Om klim kalikayei namaha.

Namaste Maa Kali.

Namaste my child. I can tell you have some heavy questions for me. I shall answer them for you, but please remember that I do not want to place the burden of saving this world on your shoulders. It would be too much for you. At least by yourself. It would cause you too much pain.

Others want to know the answers to these questions, though.

Are you asking these questions for yourself or for them?

Why not both? I've been wanting to know the answers to these questions myself.

I shall give you the answers that you need to hear. Those that observe these responses shall benefit from them as well.

One friend of mine wants to know how to confront a particular world issue: how to stop drought, like that in California and South Africa.

It is not up to you to tell them how to stop drought, my child, but what you can tell them is this: no suffering is insurmountable when you have faith. Not blind faith, mind you. Blind faith will only bring you more suffering, as blind faith only teaches you not do anything about your suffering.

Can you clarify that?

Devotees call me Maa, Mother, for a reason, my child - it is because I do not tend to a child's every need, but rather teach my children how to support themselves, much like how human mothers help their children learn how to walk. My goal as a Mother - especially with you, my child - is the spiritual evolution of my children. Evolution does not happen when everything is provided for you.

Then why should people call upon you at all?

Haha! You are not the only one to ask that question. My answer for you, my child, is that while blind faith is one extreme that brings suffering, so is outright atheism. Not to say outright atheism doesn't work for some, but like different forms of medicines and antidotes, it does not work for all. Similarly, calling upon Me is a solution that works for people like you, my child. My role is not to end all of your suffering with one stroke, but to help you fight through your suffering with Me by your side. I give you not the easy life, but the strength to endure a difficult one.

If your job as Mother is to see to our evolution, what are we going to evolve into?

Currently the modus operandi of our universe is devour to survive. I do not expect you, my child, to overcome such a mindset in this lifetime, but if you want to know what the ultimate goal of your evolution is, my child, it is to be able to live in this universe without the need to devour or cause suffering. That is still a long way off for your soul, my child, and again I do not expect you to reach such lofty expectations in this lifetime or even several lifetimes down your path. But it is My goal to see My children reach such a state, however long it takes.

Surely you must know the state of our world today - there are signs, from science no less, saying our world will come to an end!

Hahahaha! Do not be afraid of the end, my child. Remember what I taught you about your soul, my child. It is the part of you that does not end when your body ends. Even when your body ends, your soul will continue to evolve past its current limitations. And do not give up hope for your world, my child. Already your fellow humans are learning how to adapt to your current times. You know how in human stories there cannot be a villain without a hero. Similarly, in your world there cannot be darkness without light.

You are my light, Maa Kali. And so much more, now.

Be brave, my child. With Me by your side, there shall be nothing you cannot overcome. And you shall overcome it, one way or another.


Maa Kali closed this interesting conversation with an image projected into my mind of Her brandishing Her weapons and uttering a battle cry, with Her tongue sticking out and all. I was standing behind Her.

You know the disclaimers I usually provide in these blog posts by now. They still apply, but nonetheless, this conversation was interesting to me...and I hope it will be helpful to others as well.

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