Sunday, June 5, 2016

Singing a Bhajan: Sri Gananatha

Namaste all! In this special Light Club post, I bring you something I've never done before for this blog: singing!

Some context - I've been taking Carnatic singing lessons from the teacher Vidya Subramanian, and I've been learning under her for a few months. It's taken me a bit of practice to be confident enough to record something for YouTube, but I figured this very first recording should be good enough to not get me ridiculed. Constructive feedback is welcome, though please keep in mind I'm still a beginner.


  1. You got your toning right Phillip. Carnatic music is very hard to master, harder than Hindustani. It has 13 note octave, unlike Hindustani which has 5 note scale.

    A suggestion here. To get your accent and pronunciation right you should practice with your tongue three things
    1. Flatten the tongue as much as possible. DO NOT roll it.
    2. Most Indian accents have tip of tongue touching upper teeth while no air leaks from anywhere while it is pronounced. Just see how the word "think" is pronounced in Indian and non Indian accent and you will get what I am saying.
    3. Tongue hits the floor of your mouth much harder than in the other languages. Practise that.
    If you try producing sounds with above cautions it's no hard task to sound good and authentic.