Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Vision?

Something interesting happened yesterday evening...something I was hoping to get some input about. Hopefully you readers will have some!

Around this time yesterday evening, I don't remember exactly what I was doing, but it was something mundane. Then, suddenly, an image of Ganesha's head forced its way into my mind. I say forced for lack of a better term; however I wasn't thinking of Ganesha at the time, or anything spiritual if I remember. But I knew this wasn't an ordinary wandering thought - I could tell because this image of Ganesha's head was present in my vision without me having to actively think of it. I could see it very clearly, and attempts to dismiss the image didn't work - I closed my eyes and opened them again, but the image persisted. It was like an image burn on my retina, sort of - you know how old cathode ray tube monitors got image burns that lingered on the monitor even after it turned off? Like that.

The image disappeared after a few seconds, but I can remember clearly what it was like. Using Google image search to try to find an approximation for you readers without having to resort to vague text, the closest resemblance I could find is located at the bottom of this blog post.

Of course, I'm not sure what this means, otherwise I wouldn't be asking my readers for input. Also, I know I sound crazy...I don't know how to prove that I had this vision to you all. But hopefully you readers trust me enough to know that I'm not making this up.


  1. Perhaps this goes hand in hand with the prior post, and the success of your choice to take on the Diabetes head on.

    I think you have your blessing. :)
    Best of luck

  2. I agree. Looks to me like your decision has been blessed...personally! So have no doubts or fears. Move forward with the plan.

  3. Namaste,
    the two prior posts to my one say more than enough. It seems your inner voice could be calling for something greater than what you can expect? Keep the path ahead as mentioned, good things come to those with positive energy from within. Be the fountain of joy and love that cleanses those who are blind with the dirt of societies mundane lies.