Monday, December 10, 2012

The End of Heartache

I know in this blog I've previously brought up the topic of bhajans and their ability to spiritually uplift us, but let's not underestimate the power of popular music (not pop, there's a difference between pop and popular, I feel) to stir our heartstrings. That's why I've added a widget from the website This Is My Jam to my blog - you can find it to the right. I think this will give readers another window into my soul, for one's taste in music can say a lot about a person, as long as we respect the tastes of the person in question and aren't blind to the validity of whatever they like.

As for why I've picked "The End of Heartache" by metal band Killswitch Engage, I feel that sometimes, the lyrics of this song really capture my relationship with God(s). Sometimes I feel that Lord Ganesha (or one of the other incarnations of God) is the only thing that stands between me and oblivion, between mere heartache and a total emotional abyss. I know my choices are mine and I'm responsible for my future, but sometimes this heartache I feel is the fact that my present efforts aren't enough, and that I somehow lack the strength to take it a step further and do what is necessary. In this sense, I hope God(s) can help me find that strength, to find the antidote to this heartache. I may have no excuses, but self-improvement isn't something I can do all on my own, and that is why I need the help of God(s).

Heh...I know I sound whiny right now, but sometimes writing down the pain helps me deal with it. And listening to my favorite tunes sometimes helps too...although bhajans will always have a place in my heart. :-)

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