Friday, January 4, 2013

Shree Ganesh TV Serial - First Impressions

Namaste once more, readers!

A fellow forum user from the Hindu Dharma Forums, upon reading that my Ishta Devata (i.e. personal God) was Lord Ganesha, recommended a TV serial from India for me to watch - Shree Ganesh, a TV serial which she said depicted Lord Ganesha as "the loving Supreme, worshipped by all." She pointed me to a YouTube upload of the series (which I'm guessing is legal as it's been up there a while), although one place to buy the series on DVD can be located at Exotic India Art.

I'm only on the first episode so far, but right now, I think this series seems poised to do just as this forum user said it would! Granted, it has special effects that are obviously low-budget, some overacting, and horribly synced subtitles (at least the version I watched), but even with all those obstacles the series still gets the job done. The first episode deals with the general aspects of Lord Ganesha, at least as interpreted by the creators of the series; of important note is how the plurality of the Gods of Hinduism is positively depicted here, for one solid reason, that reason being to make the God who created the universe be accountable! With all Gods being manifestations of the one Supreme, it makes more sense for the universe to function the way it does, at least more so than the view presented by Abrahamic faiths, in my opinion.

I know this is sort of an oversimplification of the first episode, but this blog post is more to say that I'll be looking into this series and posting more on it in the future, as it's definitely interesting. Check it out!

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