Friday, June 21, 2013

Writing Eases the Pain

Namaste readers,

As you've probably seen on this blog before (at least if you've been following it for a while), there have been some points where I write really negative posts where I'm down on myself or something/someone else. I know no one wants to read such self-deprecating whining, but I still do it.

Why? Because oddly enough, I find it therapeutic. It's like the subject line of this post says - writing eases the pain. Problem is, writing to ease pain also seems to drive away readers. No one wants to listen to a self-loathing whiner bitch and moan all day.

Therefore, I am hoping to get some advice on what I can do to change this. I need to find some other way to let out the pain, without exposing myself to the world in a way that might jeopardize me. So far writing has been the best way to let out all my angst, depression, anxiety, and other negative emotions, but I need to find another outlet.

Sure, there's meditation (and video games in my case!), but that doesn't seem to have any immediate effect, whereas writing does. I need some other way to get an immediate release valve. If any of you readers have advice on that, I would gladly like to hear it.

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  1. Namaste friend,
    There's nothing that says you can't write in a separate, private blog whenever you are feeling a need to vent. Writing can still be helpful then. You have to ask yourself whether you are writing to get a reaction/affirmation/validation from readers or if you are truly doing it as a release. As long as the former is a the motivation, you will continue to drive readers away when you post very personal things on your public blog.

    Hope this helps - I know it may sound a little harsh, but it's not intended to.