Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Language of God(s)

Namaste, readers.

I honestly don't know what Sri Ganesha and the other Gods are trying to tell me. The bottom has sunken further beneath me, as I've been cut from full-time to part-time at work, greatly reducing my income and my ability to be independent.

That's pretty much the biggest problem I'm facing right now, and it's pretty significant, but it's been making me wonder why things have happened the way they have been to me. I have several theories, but I have no way of telling which one is correct.

Perhaps Sri Ganesha wanted to teach me what real problems were like, as opposed to my quibbling over my inborn human identities. I'm not sure how valid this theory is - why try to teach me about suffering by compounding it? Wouldn't that obscure the message?

However, a friend of mine did say that perhaps this is a sign that maybe I should start fighting back...since I only have part-time hours now, I have more time to find a better job I actually like to do more. Combined with the prior theory, it actually makes sense. Perhaps Sri Ganesha is compounding the suffering to teach me that I should do something about it!

I'm just not sure how best to go about it. I've made several job applications; some have been turned down already, but many I simply haven't heard back. I have hope and faith that something good will happen, but the rational side of my mind says not to count on it. I'm like Fox Mulder from the X-Files...I want to believe.

I do believe in Sri Ganesha, Sri Krishna, Maa Saraswati, and the others...I just don't know what they're trying to tell me, what they have in store for me, or whatever. Deciphering the language of God(s) is always tricky. But if any of you readers have input, I'd love to hear it.

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