Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Hidden Test of Strength

Namaste readers.

I'm typing this blog entry calmer than I was a few moments ago. Let's just say something...major happened. I don't want to disclose too much of what happened, but it was a home security issue and police were involved.

The reason why I'm writing about it now is because I managed to emerge through it all not only unscathed physically, but also unscathed emotionally. I was shaken up, for sure - what happened in my apartment would shake up any sane human being - but...I felt in control. In other words, I didn't get distraught, inconsolable, or even panic.

If this had happened even a few months back, this wouldn't be the case. But through faith in Shri Ganesha, and applying what I learned over the years from the Art of Living and a life coach that I've been seeing, I managed to calm myself and stay calm. I think I have concrete proof that Shri Ganesha is watching over me, because the potential for this ending far worse was almost limitless.

Maybe that's the reason why I feel so Zen right now after the fact. Something might have gotten stolen, or I could have been hurt, or worse. But none of those happened. Not only that, but I have proof that my own emotions can be mastered.

Obviously what happened wasn't anything good...but I feel good having gotten through it. It was a test, and I apparently passed.

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  1. Loved this! And I love how you were in control of your emotions, and not the other way round. Woooohooooo!!!