Friday, July 1, 2011

The Little Things

They say it's the little things that make you happy. This I've come to know to be true. The opposite can be true as well - it can be the little things that bring you down as well, especially if they pile up.

However, for me recently, little things have been piling up in a good way. That is, lots of good little things have been happening in my life: things like getting a surprise discount at a Chipotle restaurant I went to. Winning a contest for a free video game over Twitter. Getting a couple of extra Timbits when I order a small box at Tim Hortons (hey, the secret to any diet is controlled cheating ;) ). Getting some surprise food and money from my parents...and in one case a friend of my mother's.

Lots of these little things have happened recently. I guess I shouldn't question it. But still, curiosity demands to know why this may be happening. I figure if I don't know the answer it wouldn't matter too much, but still, I want to figure out what I'm doing right, or what wrong things I'm not doing.

Is it the mantra chanting? Is it the meditation? Is it the things I've done at large recently (like the article I wrote)? Am I getting a karma boost of some sort? Is the universe just plain throwing me a bone? Or is this all completely random? I don't know...but I guess it would be nice to know.

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