Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pardon My Dust

Those of you who are regular readers of this blog (whoever you are - thank you :) ) might have noticed some posts going missing just now. Well, this is an attempt to make my blog more useful and less like a thought dump of random emotional ranting. Like I promised I would a few posts back...it seems even though I promised to make this blog more relevant to others and less like just a place for me to rant/etc., I personally think thus far I've failed to deliver on that promise. So I'm trying again, and in an effort to do so I'm removing those posts that I think were detrimental to this blog. Don't worry, they're still saved on my blog, but they will not be visible.

It's occurred to me that there could have been a number of things I could've blogged about instead of just my random emotions - there are plenty of issues related to modern-day yoga, Hinduism, and its related topics that I could've offered commentary on and written about. Instead, thus far I've just opened the dark recesses of my mind for the world to see...sometimes to...undesirable results.

I figure it's time for me to put up or shut up. I need to make this blog more meaningful if it's to be of use to anyone, let alone myself. Just writing things down isn't doing it for me anymore - I need to feel like I'm writing something meaningful. So once again I'm putting my foot down on my brain (not literally, thankfully) to get it to stop writing just garbage.

Expect more meaningful content in the future...and please, if you don't think the content I've written in a particular blog post is meaningful, please let me know! That's one thing I'm hoping to increase through a refocused blog - more reader interaction. And I hope this reader interaction will be of benefit in the form of constructive criticism. If something is not adding to the conversation and is just my emotional ranting, then please say so. (Although try to be nice about it...say so, but do so constructively.)

Namaste and hope to have you reading soon.

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