Tuesday, September 17, 2013

And Now for Something Completely Different

Namaste readers! I know video games aren't the posted subject line of my blog, but after my last post I think it'll be good to liven up the mood with something different from my usual posts. And I do love my video games.

I wanted to take a break to tell you about SuperHot, a first-person shooter...wait, it gets better, honest! It's a first-person shooter where time moves when you do.

It's the most unique first-person game mechanic I've ever seen. Hopefully this video will do it justice:

To be honest, I find this mind-blowing. It kind of gives me hope for the future of video games, as I think it proves that there's areas of the realm of video games we have yet to explore.

Anyway, that's enough off-topic veering for now. Back to your regularly scheduled spirituality. ;)

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