Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Mad Blogger's Science Experiment

Namaste to my readers! I know many of you just got here, what with the spike in traffic my blog has had recently (and I appreciate it, thank you :) ). But...well, an email encouraged me to try out the new Tumblr/Blogger hybrid (or whatever you want to call it) Web 2.0 thingy called Storylane. I figured, why not? I looked it up on Google and it seemed legit. Legitimately legit, as in it wasn't some scam or compromised website...I first had my doubts, but they have been put to rest.

I've yet to see if Storylane will carry my writing to even more people, or be of any benefit to my writing whatsoever, but it seemed to be worth a shot. So if any of you are interested, here's my Storylane page: http://www.storylane.com/phillipminer

Hope you enjoy it!

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