Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Namaste to all my new readers! I noticed my readership has spiked since I posted a link to my blog in the Hindu Dharma Forums (at - nice bunch to discuss with!), so thank you all for checking me out!

You folks couldn't have come at a better time. Seeing as I'm in Rochester, NY, it's in the path of Hurricane Sandy, which doubtlessly you've heard about on the news. We're pretty far inland, so hopefully we'll avoid the worst of it. Still, though, what I'm hearing about it isn't doing my mental health any favors. Most extreme hurricane on the East Coast this century, parts of New York City flooded, massive power outages...I'm lucky I'm able to post this! And yes, I'm scared. Meditation and faith can only do so much here.

I don't know if I'll be able to hear from any of you if the power goes out for Rochester, but still, I can use all the mental support I can get. Prayers, well-wishes, whatever, just send your positive vibes my way. Trust me, it will all be appreciated.

Stay safe out there, Light Clubbers.


  1. Hey, did you make it through? I'm in Connecticut, so we got whipped pretty bad too. I found that listening to bhajans and mantras help with anxiety about this kind of thing, sometimes it's easier to hear someone else doing the praying when you're in that state of mind! Here is my absolute fav:

    1. Namaste Anonymous - as you can probably guess from this comment, I'm alive, kicking, and considering how I can reply to this comment, Rochester, NY is still standing with (most of) its infrastructure intact, which I'm really thankful for. So yes, I made it through. :)

      I never thought of listening to bhajans as an anxiety-reducing measure before...I'll have to try it out! Thanks for the suggestion; you got any other bhajan recommendations? ;)

    2. I do indeed!
      Hanuman Chalisa: This is a song version of the famous 40-verse hanuman prayer.

      Krishna Bhajan: SUPER relaxing! Put me to sleep :)

      Rama Bhajan: A little more up-beat

      And of course the great Shiva Mantra:

      I hope these help!