Friday, October 19, 2012

Cobras and Buffalo

If you take a look at today's entry (well, the Oct. 11 entry to be precise) in the "What Sri Sri Said Today" blog, you'll find an interesting discussion on the meaning of the cobra in Hinduism:

Please read that entry, then come back here so you know what I'm talking about. I can wait...

Okay, now that you're back, I have to say, this discussion really resonated with me! The reason for this is because whenever I meditate, or a good portion of the time anyway, when I go deep enough into it, I tend to see (if that's the word; maybe it's more like get thoughts/images of) either snakes or cows. These images tend to be the clearest and most recognizable. I always wondered why it was either one or the other that becomes a clear image in my seems this is the answer, that it's either because my mind is clear and alert (cobra), or muddled and confused (buffalo).

I try to meditate and do Sudarshan Kriya only after it's been at least two hours since I've eaten, but if one of these images comes up during meditation, it always seems to be random. Either it is random, or I don't know what would cause either one to appear. If it's not because of the amount of food in my stomach at the time, then what else could it be?

At least it's good to know that my meditation practice is getting somewhere, if I get these images and now know what they mean. It's certainly encouraging!

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