Friday, June 29, 2012

Symbols, Sweets, and Shares of Happiness

The happy feeling I've had this past week continues unabated. It still seems like a miracle to me...if I compare how happy I feel now to how I previously felt, it's like a switch in my brain was flipped! I asked another Hindu in my area as to why this may be, and he had some good explanations that made a lot of sense. I figured I'd share the explanations he taught me, so that you readers can understand and weigh in if you wish.

The biggest thing to consider as to explain what happened to me, I believe, lies in the symbolism of Ganesha's form. As you may know, Ganesha's form is a pot-bellied human with an elephant head (I'm over-simplifying here, I guess)...but this form isn't for show. Rather, there is rich symbolism behind every aspect of this form, I was told. The symbols most relevant to my emotional transformation have to do with the elephant aspects of Ganesha's form, I think.

For instance, the symbolism I was told is:
-Large ears: good listener, listens often.
-Trunk covering mouth: speak less, because talk is cheap, etc.
-Large forehead: analytical, active mind (I think).
-Long trunk: getting to the bottom of the problem, the root cause.
-Sweets in one hand: plenty to share, everyone should have their share.
-Mouse at base of deity: the greed that must be overcome by all humans.

If I connected the dots correctly, I guess what can be inferred here is that after I offered milk on Sunday, Lord Ganesha heard my problem with His large ears, and instead of telling me what to do, He must've discerned my problems stemmed from lack of happiness...that I didn't have the same happiness other people have. So maybe He gave me the ultimate sweet of happiness that I've been lacking for so long...because being happy can make me a better person.

I think it was the Buddha who once said that happiness is like a candle - one candle doesn't diminish by lighting other candles, and thus happiness can be shared the same way, without affecting one's own happiness. I can't really comment on God's happiness level, but if all the Gods of Hinduism are aspects of the One, then surely if one aspect is happy, He or She can share that happiness with others...even humans.

This post might not be my most articulate post on this blog. Still, I felt the need to further express my newfound happiness, and what might have caused it. Hopefully with my happy posts on this blog, I can light more happy candles in my readers. :-)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


So...I'm happy. Not just happy in the normal sense,'s like I have this unshakable happiness inside me. Like nothing can faze me or bring me down. It's as if there's a happiness generator inside me now - if happiness could generate electricity, I'd be the next green power source!

And...I don't know how crazy this is going to sound, but I'm positive it was Ganesha who gave me this happiness. I...have a feeling it definitely was Him. As for why, well, at the Hindu Temple of Rochester last Sunday, there was a puja to Ganesha. I decided to participate in it by offering milk. Yes...I offered milk to Ganesha.

The happiness didn't take right away after the puja ended, but the next day, at some seemingly random time, I just felt this...euphoria inside of me. Like there was this expanding energy inside me, and it led to constant happiness. Even if I thought negative thoughts, the happiness soon countered them. The happiness is springing forth from me like a fountain, and there's no stopping it!

Hindus say Ganesha, like the rest of the Gods of the Hindu pantheon, is a real, physical, living, breathing being. Previously I've had my doubts, but...this is unexplainable! I honestly can't think of any other explanation for my constant sense of happiness. It has to be Ganesha. For me...this is proof.

I don't know how long this fountain of happiness will keep gushing. It may stop tomorrow, it may stop anytime after that. But the fact of the matter is that I wasn't trying to will my emotions into being happy. It just...happened!

Ganesha...have you heard my prayers?!?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Destiny and Grace

Destiny, dharma, whatever you want to call's been on my mind as of late. While I won't go into specific details at this time, let's just say the reason this blog hasn't been updated in a while is because interesting things have happened. Good things, but still things that have taken time away from this blog...which might be a good thing.

Suffice it to say, it seems I'm being drawn towards Hinduism more strongly than ever. I've been doing Sun Salutation yoga in my home more often, for starters (though I haven't done it for a few days thanks to the recent oppressive heat in Rochester). Other things have happened outside of my control, though, that make me wonder if the Gods of Hinduism are watching me...I've been given more opportunities to write about Hinduism and its local community here, and I've been getting more and more involved thanks to opportunities that just seem to have conveniently sprung up.

I'm not one to question grace, but...part of me wonders why this is happening. It's not like I've studied enough about Hinduism to become an expert, and I still need to develop more discipline in my life. This is the part of me that wonders if I deserve this grace. And of course things can still go wrong at any point. Still...I wonder if Hinduism is truly becoming my destiny.

It's certainly a good thing for me if it is. If the Gods of India accept me...I could die happy. Although I still want my death to be a long way off, thank you very much. ;-)