Sunday, September 15, 2013

Definitely a Miracle This Time

Today, I honestly believe I have evidence that Shri Hanuman was looking out for me.

At the Hindu Temple of Rochester, the last of the pujas for the installation of the murthy of Shri Hanuman were going on this morning. I sincerely wanted to go, but for reasons that weren't clear to me at the time, I could not find a ride to go there this morning. (I don't have a car.)

Later, for the closing cultural program that went on this evening, I actually did manage to find a ride to get there. However, when I got there, I found out something that genuinely astonished me, and made me believe a miracle had just happened.

The floors and carpets all over the temple were wet. I had no idea why. I went upstairs to see Shri Hanuman in his newly installed glory, and after a little bit of mingling, I managed to find the one who usually coordinates getting me a ride to and from the temple.

He told me the reason he couldn't get me a ride this morning was because during the pujas, the fire for the havan (I think that's what it's called) actually rose high enough to trip the fire alarm and cause the sprinklers to go off.

My first thought upon hearing what happened was, "I'm glad I wasn't there for that." After thinking about it for a little bit further - and thinking that the sprinkler incident would have definitely triggered anxiety for me - I came to a realization. I finally realized what had really happened.

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe the below video can clearly summarize what I realized had happened.

As for the rest of the devotees in the temple, they are all okay of course, but they were calm about the whole event and also regarded what happened as a miracle, as it meant all the elements were present for the glory of Shri Hanuman.

And as for myself...I am eternally thankful to Shri Hanuman that I avoided what could have seriously triggered my anxiety. I don't think I am overanalyzing it this time - I honestly believe a miracle happened.

Jai Shri Hanuman.


  1. That's what miracles do - bring peace, and I'm happy that you found some. Have a blessed day~


  2. This is very interesting indeed! And so was the movie clip which you were reminded of. :)