Thursday, February 18, 2016

Dissolved Boy - A Poem About Krishna

Namaste readers! Inspired by an idea a friend on Facebook gave me in an effort to cure my writer's block, I've decided to write a poem about the Hindu god Shri Krishna. The inspiration for this poem is actually twofold: part of the inspiration comes from Shri Krishna of course, but for some reason the song of "Dissolved Girl" by Massive Attack came into my mind. I will admit I am sort of basing this poem on lyrics from "Dissolved Girl," but it is not my intent to plagiarize. Apologies to Massive Attack if this comes across as such.

Anyway, this poem focuses on Shri Krishna as a young boy, as he was performing his mythological feats. Hope you enjoy it, as I'm starting it below.


Shame, there's no shame
I feel envy and love all the same

Name, say his name
He will show you love to ease the pain

'Cause it feels like divinity I've never felt before
He is not a "savior" like there was before
He forgives all because he's been there before
I won't fake it, I still want more

Fade, the soul never fades
What you do should never cause you pain

Day with him never fades
He says passion is overrated anyway

But love is always his to ease my pain
It seems with him my troubles melt away


For reference, the original Massive Attack song can be found on YouTube here:

I hope you enjoyed this.