Friday, January 22, 2016

Conversations with Maa Kali - Part 1

Namaste, readers. I figured I'd follow up my 25,000 view milestone with as special a treat as I can give you - the one that I'm most capable of giving at this time.

In recent meditation experiences, I believe Maa Kali has revealed Herself to me...I keep seeing visions of part of a woman's face, with a long tongue sticking out, and a nose with a large nose ring. Whether or not this is Maa Kali revealing Herself to me, I leave for you to decide. But the point is, the next set of blog posts will be all about Her. I shall attempt to hold conversation with Maa Kali, one blog post at a time.

For those of you who don't believe I'm capable of talking to Maa Kali (or believe in Maa Kali for that matter), you could say this next series of blog posts is inspired by the Pixar movie Inside Out, which I admit I haven't seen yet (even though I should). You can certainly think of it that way, where I hold these conversations with a concept in my own mind which can be compared to Maa Kali. So you could say I'm talking to myself. Still, is there any real harm in me doing so? If it helps me discover myself and make me a better person, why deny its effectiveness?

I will now invoke the Goddess Maa Kali to guide my fingers as I type. My questions and statements to Her are in plain text. Maa Kali's responses will be in italics.

Om klim kalika-yei namaha.

Namaste, Maa Kali.

Namaste, my child. Please do not be afraid, for I love you. Beyond measure.

But why me?

Did I not just say you were my child? Mothers love their children.

That would seem a bit...weird, not just to me, but to others. I was not born a Hindu.

Hahahaha! Do you really think you could get away from my love that easily? My love will always find you. I was always there for you, my child. You just refused to see me.

Why is that? Why do You think I refused to see you?

Because you thought it would be "weird to see me." You were limited by your own mind. You limited yourself. You still do.

But I am not worthy.

Stop groveling!

Why do You deem me worthy?

Someone has to. You refused to deem yourself worthy. I had to step in. My intervention is needed to destroy the blocks in your mind. To destroy everything holding you back. To tear it all down - your old values and beliefs. I tear them down!

I do not understand - why this special treatment for me?

You deserve it, because in your case it's necessary. Others will require different approaches. But I will be the sledgehammer to your subconscious. I will smash all that holds you back! So it is and is not special. Everyone is different. You must recognize this in yourself.

So I'm not special after all, then.

Stop talking about being "special." We need to focus on what works for you.

But there's one other thing I do not understand. I'm male. I thought You were supposed to be a feminine force? One that supports women?

Don't make me laugh! Again you limit yourself. Would you really reject my love on the basis of your gender? Remember, you have lived several lifetimes. Surely you don't think you were never born as a woman in any one of them? You forget I am a force of retribution when I need to be. Justice is not blind, but neither is it selective. Justice ceases to be when it selects!

What kind of retribution are you talking about?

You have demons that need vanquishing. I have, what do you call them, "toe tags" for all of your demons, All of the negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions that prevent you from being you. They will all perish. And I will not feel sorry for your loss. Neither should you.

You're beginning to sound rather violent!

Remember, I am a Goddess of such concepts because they are a necessary part of life. Remember this - some concepts deserve to be violently destroyed. Perhaps not literally, but definitely figuratively. Self-hate, depression, weakness, the oppression that binds you - I will snap your chains! You might despise war in reality, and I commend you for that. But to stop war in your world, you must win the war in your mind. I will be your general for that war.

Is this why you have such a fearsome visage?

Your inner enemies will all cower when they see that I am on your side. I am your Mother. When your darkness threatens, darkness will look upon Me, and your darkness will know it cannot win.

I thank you, Maa Kali, for your love.


It was at this point that Maa Kali grew silent in my mind.

You can take this however you want - you can either believe I was genuinely talking with Maa Kali, or you can view this as a means of self-esteem boosting. Perhaps it's somewhere in between. For those of you who do not believe in the Hindu pantheon, think of such a conversation like this: would you rather I stay happy through conversations with Maa Kali, or through more antidepressants? I leave you with that thought.


  1. Beautiful, Philip! A great conversation, thank you for sharing it. <3
    For what it's worth, I do think she was speaking with you. =)

    1. Thank you, whoever you are! :) I know claiming to talk to God(s and/or Goddesses) is always risky to do, because there will be those who are offended by such claims. Thanks for not being one of those people. ;)

  2. I loved this conversation, and loved that you said it could be seen as a conversation with yourself. After all, your inner self/higher self is divine, as higher selves are. Finally it does not matter who the messenger is, as long as the message is helpful & loving. However, as you know, I do believe you spoke to her. Why would you feel that she talks only to women? :) Does a mother only speak to her daughters? Or does a father only speak to his sons? Keep this up...this was a beautiful conversation.

  3. Are you inspired by the book by welsh titled Conversations with God. In India and across world, countless devotees have moment-to-moment interactions with their ishta deva. I will leave you with these words which are on an encouraging note.

    1. Admittedly I haven't read the book you mentioned. I have heard about it, though, and yes, this post is partially inspired by that concept. Another inspiration for this is the basic idea of the Upanishads, of being close to and learning from a Guru - my Guru in this case being Maa Kali. Obviously what I write in this blog isn't authoritative by any means, certainly nowhere near in importance as the actual Upanishads, but the concept of the Upanishads is an inspiration for these posts.

      By the way, thanks for reading! :)

  4. Bravo Phillip! My only suggestion is this: Do not apologize to those who do not hold the same beliefs as you. Instead speak to the people who do share your beliefs, it will attract more of them to you. I'm proof! Jai Kali Mata! I love her dearly and speak with her daily too. Wonderful writing here thank you for sharing.