Monday, May 12, 2014

Short Book Review: the Power of Dharma

Namaste readers,

Recently I've had the pleasure of reading an eBook on how the scriptures of ancient India can be applied to modern times. This book is none other than The Power of Dharma, written by Dr. Nicholas Sutton and Hemal Randerwala.
The Power of Dharma is a unique book, in the sense that it has taken the scriptures of ancient India and Hinduism and found ways to interpret them for the modern world; while this book isn’t the first or only text to do so, what is unique about this work is that it has ways to apply the ancient wisdom of India to everyday life in present times. This is important because the scriptures of ancient India have valuable things to teach the modern world about topics such as altruism and working to benefit others. What is especially important about The Power of Dharma is that the book offers guidance on how to properly balance the needs of oneself vs. the needs of others! After all, if one cannot take care of oneself, it is doubly hard to take care of others as a result. This I would say is why reading this book is so important, because it actually offers compelling, relevant advice on how to live dharmically, as to live in that way is the epitome of the aforementioned need of balancing the needs of oneself vs. others.

There are two ways which you can acquire this book: one is through the website, where you can also find more writings by Hemal Randerwala. You can also buy the book through