Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Conversations with Maa Kali - Part 6

Namaste readers. I know I haven't posted to this blog in Goddess knows how long. There just hasn't been time, between my life going sideways in various ways to a lack of creative spark. But tonight I want to change that. I want to revive this blog and see how far it can go.

Some good things have happened in my life too, to spur wanting to give this blog another go. My blog's writings on Maa Kali have reached the attention of some Shakti devotees in India...not many, but enough to have my writings featured on some Facebook pages. One such devotee even typed that s/he (I'm not sure of his/her gender) wanted to do Dandavat Pranam to me as I have "personally received Maa Kali's grace." While I'm not sure if that's true or not, that gave me some of the inspiration here to proceed.

I meditated on Maa Kali tonight, and She has given me some inspirational this blog entry isn't quite a conversation per se, so much as explaining what She revealed to me.

And what did She reveal? The future of Goddess worship. She told me that for our world to be saved from an imbalance of masculinity, the Divine Feminine must be cultivated. To that end, Maa Kali told me that there must be a revolution in the way people worship Her, much like Jesus brought a revolution to Judaism and the Buddha brought a revolution to Hinduism.

This revolution is nothing less than democratization - opening the gates for everyone to worship Her, not just a select few. Not to force people to worship Her, mind you, as forced conversion is against the nature of the Divine Feminine. Rather, there must be a broadening of ways to worship the Goddess, and the aura of fear surrounding the Divine Feminine must be obliterated. The Goddess cannot be seen as an exclusive deity, hard to please and easy to offend. She cannot be seen as a tyrant any longer, but as the loving Mother She is, even in forms as violent-appearing as Maa Kali.

All the barriers to worshiping Maa Kali or any other form of the Goddess must be torn down. As for my role in tearing down these barriers, She only tells me it will be apparent in time, and to keep my present humility.

My usual disclaimers apply: I am NOT a religious authority. Do not take what I say as a binding truth. Please do not do anything to hurt others with my words. I cannot take responsibility for what others choose to do as a result of what I wrote here.


  1. Ask Maa Kali to give you that much power guidance to do her work and congratulations for choosing you for this great work