Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Is a Vegetarian Diet Easier Than I Thought?

I've previously written on vegetarian vs. non-vegetarian lifestyles in this blog, and I've expressed my reservations about going vegetarian, since I'm a diabetic and all. However, a prompt from a fellow Rochester Hindu to write about this topic some more inspired me to do a little research. And, well, what do you know - turns out it might be possible for me after all!

The American Diabetes Association has a lot of good information on this topic, which I think I could find useful:

It does mention a few things that do inspire me. For instance, I completely forgot about how in the grocery store certain meatless versions of my favorite meals indeed exist, such as soy crumbles, black bean burgers, and the like. That will certainly be a good start for me. And I'm sure the ADA website has some more recipes I could learn that are simple, easy, and both diabetic- and vegetarian-friendly. (Yeah, I suck at cooking, so I need to stick with the easy stuff.)

I'm going to start a bit slow with this at first, ease into it. I'll still eat dairy and eggs for the time being. But armed with this info, I certainly can be inspired to start!

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