Friday, March 15, 2013

We All Do Stupid Things

So yeah, sometimes I do stupid things...we all do. And if you say you never did anything stupid, you'd be lying, and that's stupid too.

But sometimes I have to ask myself...why do I do stupid things? Why am I not perfect?

I guess it has to do with how I sometimes perceive everything bad around me to be my fault, which certainly isn't a healthy mindset. However, it's in an effort to try to be unselfish by being apologetic and considerate...and it usually backfires, making me seem conceited and self-centered.

When it comes to changing myself, however, and making myself better than I am, far I seem to consistently fall short. I guess that's the part I'm really stupid at. I can't seem to motivate myself to change even if my life depended on it...and someday it just might!

I'm just frustrated at being unable to deal with my flaws. Makes me wish I could rewrite my brain or something.


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