Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Shri Ganapati, Show Me the Way

Namaste readers! I've had a...revelation of sorts. No, it didn't take the form of a special vision or literal miracle or anything like that, but rather it was a thought that stuck with me. That thought: I should place even more trust in my Ishta Devata, Shri Ganesha (also known as Ganapati) than I do now, and to that end, I should show more devotion towards him, as I feel a swelling of devotion towards him in my heart right now.

I guess the origin of this revelation is the dark period I'm going through right now - perhaps my mind suddenly wanting to seek out Shri Ganesha even more now is probably a sign that my soul has had enough. I know what some people will say - that I should focus on more real matters, and not worry so much about Shri Ganesha.

To that I say: would it be too much to do both? Working towards bettering my situation is definitely my primary goal, but can't I have two primary goals, the other being to engross and envelop myself in Shri Ganesha's love?

After all, it's not like I have anything better to do. :)

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  1. I think they go hand in hand...because both involve moving in the right direction. Since my son's surgery lil Lord Ganapati has been showing himself in our lives so much. Each Temple visit I always bring him a special sweet in gratitude for watching over our children. He seems to always know when to pop up...and lately it's been very often.

    I went to the Temple this week and sat down with Mahadeva, Mata Shakti and Sri Ganapati...and I admitted whole heartedly. "When I first came here...I was so consumed with Mahadeva, and finally making it to Him that I blew past by Beloved Lord and Mother....and for this I am so so sorry". But, in my heart...you know I felt that they understood...as they both adore Mahadeva just the same way. It is awesome that Lord Ganesha is manifesting into your life...a very good sign! <3