Saturday, April 16, 2016

Conversations with Maa Kali - Part 5

Namaste readers!

Apologies for not uploading one of these in a while. Truth be told, although talking with Maa Kali has become almost effortless for me, putting pen to paper (or rather finger to keyboard in this case) to record these conversations has been a bit difficult for me. Not because I don't want to talk to Maa Kali, but rather because I need time to make these conversations coherent, if that makes any sense.

This particular post deals with the Divine Feminine, just general questions about it. My usual disclaimers apply (see my previous entries for said disclaimers).

Om klim kalikaye namaha.

Namaste, Maa Kali!

Namaste, my child. I can tell you have more questions for me...on who I am, on what I do.

I do, Maa Kali. I want to know more about the Divine Feminine.

First, know that you are part of it. Don't let the fact that you are male in this life convince you otherwise. You are part of me, and as such you have been chosen by me to help bring back the Divine Feminine to this world.

Why is the Divine Feminine lacking in this world?

It is lacking not because of the Divine Masculine being inherently malicious or evil. It is not. But when it is out of balance as it is in this kali yuga, when one of the two forms, be it masculine or feminine, becomes dominant instead of harmonious, that is when problems arise. It is people like you who are needed to bring back the balance.

How am I supposed to do that?

First, by being yourself. Part of being one with the Divine Feminine means loving and respecting yourself. The Divine Feminine truly revels in the self, because the self knows it is needed, and has a role and place in the universe that is not inherently subservient. Such is the true nature of dharma - knowing that one is needed, and fulfilling one's needed role in whatever way you know is best.

The Divine Feminine seems highly individualistic!

It is, my child. You yourself know this, if not consciously, then unconsciously. When the Divine Feminine is lacking as it is in this world, individualism and personal freedom are not non-existent. Rather, such concepts get corrupted. They become hypocritical. These concepts get perverted from merely being oneself to benefiting oneself at the expense of others. This in turn leads to further corruption of such ideals, to the point where on the surface, a society may encourage individualism, but in reality enforces conformity.

It sounds like an almost insurmountable task to bring back balance in such conditions.

Again, I do not expect you to save this world. my child. Not by yourself. You must remember you are not alone. Always remember that I am with you.


I'm not sure why, but at this point my head was filled with so many questions and thoughts that my own mind became incoherent. I got frustrated because I had so many questions and the noise in my head prevented me from hearing Maa Kali's answers. Maa Kali simply reminded me that I can always ask Her questions again at another time, and caressed me with Her love. This is what I meant when I said that I need time to make my conversations with her coherent.

Please be patient with me as I take time to sort out what Maa Kali has told me for future entries in this series. I need time to focus.


  1. Phil, enjoyed this conversation. It seems Ma Kaali is suggesting that divine feminism means one has the capacity to revel in his/her self. And then she says, lacking in divine feminism, means one becomes self-absorbed and irritating. Does this then mean that divine feminine refers to the caring aspect in the self? -- that is, to be able to empathize with others, placing oneself in the shoes of another, etc. Sorry, I find the conversation both interesting and a bit hard to understand for me, so asking this question. Please clarify. Thanks, Jayashree

    1. Namaste Jayashree,

      The take-away message I got from this is that if one doesn't love oneself first, it can be difficult to love others. So while you are correct in saying that the caring aspect of the self is what is being referred to here, the ability to care for oneself and love and respect oneself is the first step. Hopefully this makes sense and answers your question.

  2. Very Nice Thanks for sharing with us

  3. I too have a query. Do you really talk to the gods or write imaginarily?

    1. Namaste Shiv,

      Your question is a fair one, and I appreciate you asking it. Still, it's a bit of a difficult question to answer, for a couple of reasons. First, if I claimed I really was talking to Maa Kali, how would I be able to prove it to you? Gods are who they are because of faith. How does one prove something as subjective as faith?

      Secondly, the one who taught me to talk to Maa Kali said the process actually does take a bit of imagination to do in the first place.

      I respect your intentions behind this question, and again I appreciate you asking. I'm just not sure how to respond. One person's God can be another's false idol.

  4. Intriguing posts. From your writing, it seems like you probably see and talk to the energetic incarnation of Maa Kaali. With my limited knowledge, I'm no one to judge whether it's true or not. But, however, I can say with certainty that the human incarnations of God are more relevant for human beings like us. The energetic incarnations of God are relevant to souls in the upper worlds, who exist in energetic bodies.

    It's said that the energetic incarnations of God need to lower their frequencies to appear to humans in this world. This is the reason why they usually appear only for a short duration of time.

    Here are a few links to a website that has changed my spiritual outlook completely, helping me in a manner that I cannot even begin to describe. It may be of some help to you for all I know. God bless, my friend.