Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ganesha, and My Creative Process

I've discovered something about my writing process that makes me feel a bit disappointed in my own writing ability: when it comes to creating wholly original content (in this case something fictional), I kind of suck at it. If I try to write fiction, even the most rudimentary of ideas seem to escape me. I can't seem to come up with any ideas I can stick with long enough to actually produce something good. Most of the time I can't even come up with an idea that motivates me.

I guess that's why I find blogging and writing articles for publications so much easier, because at least I know what I'm writing about. That sort of reminds me of that one story of Ganesha writing the Mahabharata: the sage Vyasa wanted Ganesha to write the epic as he dictated, on the condition that Ganesha understood what He was writing down. It's one instance where Ganesha loses one of His tusks, due to His pen breaking; rather than stop completely He broke off one of His tusks to use as a pen and continue.

Thinking about that story gives me inspiration when it comes to my writing, now that I think about it. It seems as if even Ganesha needed the prompting of others to write things down. Perhaps it indicates my future writing path, and that rather than lamenting on the inability to come up with my own stories, I can tell the stories of others to inspire others still. Or even my own story.

The one downside of that, is that I don't see it making me rich or even famous...but perhaps it's because I don't know how to use this sort of talent to make myself that way yet. Not that I want to become ultra-rich, but I want my writing to be read! I want to bring joy to and inspire others with my writing. I just don't know makes me wish I knew a sage to tell me an epic.

Well, I guess until then I have this blog. If only more people read it...

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