Monday, July 9, 2012

I Wish Ganesha Used Twitter or Facebook

So I found an interesting study about Twitter and Facebook, on Facebook of all places. What the study concludes is a very accurate description of myself: that Twitter and Facebook users have increased anxiety and self-esteem problems. (You can find the study here at )

This is a fact I should have seen coming, as it's often posts I find on Twitter and/or Facebook that can rile my emotions. Unfortunately, being an aspiring writer means my usage of Twitter and Facebook is a necessary evil. This is why I titled this blog post the way I did: I wish if I got too disturbed by a Twitter or Facebook post that Lord Ganesha would tweet or message me reminding me that it most likely won't affect my immediate real life and to calm down. Or slap me upside the head, whatever works.

Maybe if I knew more people who shared my faith on Twitter or Facebook that could talk to me regularly I wouldn't be so volatile? I'd like to know if anyone who reads my blog would like to keep in touch that way (who doesn't already). I could always use a cooler head to talk to.

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