Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Okay, I know I posted a post called "Conflict" that was rather whiny and unnecessarily emotional. I took it down because I am feeling much better now, and it was because I finally listened to some advice that a commentator gave me - listen to bhajans. :-)

I listened to a Ganesha bhajan not too long ago, and it seemed as if almost instantly my spirits were lifted! I'm not sure why or how such bhajans have this powerful effect on me...and sometimes it's inconsistent as to when they lift me and when they do not. Maybe it's dependent on how much I need them. But it still has me wondering why bhajans can do me so much good.

I'm just curious about this phenomenon because I can listen to my favorite music - often heavy metal or electronic music - and not get quite the same effect. My favorite tunes obviously make me happy, but...there's something about a bhajan that really resonates with me. I remember attending this one lecture on Carnatic music at one point which outlined the structure of that particular style of music, but I've forgotten the particular teachings of that lecture because it was several years ago. Go figure.

Anyone know why a bhajan can resonate better than one's normally favorite tunes?

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  1. I think is because of the power of Lord Ganesh's name, and any of the other deity's names, for that matter. The one that I gave you the link to, I could listen to it for ages.
    Om Gam Ganapatye namoh namah, "Greetings and praise to Lord Ganapati," (Gam is his beej mantra)
    Sri Siddhivinayak namoh namah, "The Lord who bestows wishes,"
    Ashtavinayaka namoh namah, "The Lord of the eight temples",
    Ganapati bappa morya. "Ganapati, the father of his devotees." (Morya refers to Morya Gosavi, cosidered to be the greatest of his devotees. So he represents all of us in a way. Also, people will say this last line means "Ganesh, please come back next year," because of Ganesha Churthi.
    I love this song quite a bit.