Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jai Shri Ganesha, I'm Getting Published!

Namaste readers of this humble blog! Hopefully you will all be happy to learn that - yes, as the subject line implies - an article of mine is being published...in the next issue of Hinduism Today magazine, no less!

This is so exciting, needless to say! The January/February/March 2013 issue should come out soon (as in sometime over the next month, I'm thinking), where I'll be on page 59; the online version of the article I wrote should be out within a similar timeframe. In the meantime, the Hindu Temple of Rochester has made a post on their Facebook page about it.

I look forward to all of you reading the article soon, and hope you all enjoy it! I also would like to thank Shri Ganesha for His help. ;)

EDIT: The article is now officially live on the Hinduism Today website, so now you have no excuse not to read it. ;) You can find it here!

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